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Mother-Son Bonding Activities

You don’t raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they’ll turn out to be heroes, even if it’s just in your own eyes.

Walter M. Schirra Sr.
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Let’s just talk about mother-son bonding for a moment. Ever since my son was born I have been amazed at how different having a son was than having a daughter. We instantly had this mother-son bond that was completely different than the mother-daughter bond that my daughter and I had.

Now, I want to make it clear that I’m NOT saying that our mother-son relationship is better than our mother-daughter relationship. I cherish my relationships with all of my children, more than anything in this world. I’m just saying that I am surprised at how different mother-son relationships and bonding are than mother-daughter.

Anyway, I’ve also learned that boys function a lot different than girls in some ways. Obviously, right? I guess growing up with four sisters and only one brother didn’t completely prepare me for that.

I’ve had to really take the time to focus on learning how my son “works”. Honestly, that’s probably a contributing factor to our bond being so different than that with my girls.

One of the things I have really had to learn to do is to learn to like things that I probably typically wouldn’t. Like catching bugs, watching sports for hours on end, etc. Part of us having such a great mother-son bond is that we both appreciate and get involved with each others interests.

We are both give and take, you know? For my son to not even be in his double digits yet, I think this is incredible of him. He takes very good care of his mama.

Below is a list of 25 things that my son and I love to do together. And, actually, my daughters and I do some of these things, as well. Really enjoy your son during your mother-son bonding time. They will only be that age once!

25 mother-son bonding activity ideas

Adventurous Bible Stories

Getting my son to read the bible with me can be super tricky. If it’s not bright and exciting he struggles to stay focused. The Action Bible has really helped that! It is set up in a comic book form with incredible illustrations. He absolutely loves it. I also recently found The Action Storybook Bible which I think is going to be a hit, too!

Write Letters/Notes To Each other

Have a place you can write letters to each other. It is always so nice to have those to look back on later in life.

Play Video Games

My boy is totally into video games, which is probably my fault. I love playing video games and it is so cool to be able to bond with my son doing something we both love.


Fishing is another thing my kid LOVES to do and is something we do often. We love to see who can catch more fish and have fun competing. He is so sweet when it comes to competing with Mama. I’m the only one who he is willing to let out fish him. So sweet.

Decorate For Holidays

Even if you don’t particularly like the way they decorated something, leave it. Learn to love it. Be thankful they are involved in decorating with you.

Play Sports (Shoot Hoops, Pass Ball, Etc.)

My kid loves All. The. Sports. As if countless hours at practices and games aren’t enough, we are constantly playing catch, going to the park and shooting hoops, etc.

Watch Sports Games

I’m not all that into watching sports games that aren’t my kids’ team games. But, I love to get into the games my son likes to watch. He loves talking about the plays, players, teams, etc.

Teach Him How To Style His Hair

This is one of those things Dad typically does with him. Since Dad is always at work by the time we get up and ready for the day I’ve had to help my boy with his hair many days. This leads to Google searches, experiments, etc. It can be fun!

Hike Together

You can go online and search for places to go near your area. A lot of time you can discover the difficulty level, too.


The possibilities with what you can make with lego’s is seriously endless! What is their favorite thing to build? Build with them and have fun with it.

Mother-Son Camp Outs

I’m not brave enough to camp in the wilderness without my manly man of a husband to keep us safe, so we stick to ‘at home’ campouts.

Train For 5K Together

Like I said in my Mother-Daughter Bonding Activities post, I haven’t done this yet. BUT, it is something that I really want to do with one (or all) of my kids. My son would definitely be down to do this with me.

Watch And Get Into Movies He Likes

Some bonding activities take some compromisation, you know? Some of my kids’ shows aren’t anything I want to be watching, but they really like it when I get interested in their shows with them.

Secret Handshake

Make up a secret silly handshake that is just for the two of you. If your other kid(s) want one with you, make a completely different one for them.

Nerf Gun Wars

These get crazy around here but are super fun! As long as no one gets shot in the eye everything is fine! Haha

Water Balloon Fights

Be the “cool” parent and have water balloon fights any time of year.


Involving my son in gardening has been one of my favorite things. He has really took a liking to it. It all started when he was super little and I got him a sunflower to grow in his own pot.

Collect Bugs & Worms

This is probably the hardest thing for me to do with him. I’ve had to force myself to learn to be ok with most all of the critters for the sake of my kid. The only thing I haven’t become okay with are snakes. Ugh. My brave boy saves me from snakes all the time.

Read Books

I let him pick the book and I read it as exciting as I can while we cuddle. He especially loves this before bed.

Play in the Mud

Yeah, it gets messy, so what? Have fun. Drive cars through the mud with him. Make mud pies to throw at each other. Have a good messy time.

Watch Funny Videos

Back when Vine was still around we would watch funny videos on there for hours. Now we watch them on Youtube or good old ‘Americas Funniest Home Videos’. We love to watch funny videos and laugh together. We often replay the super funny ones and laugh until it hurts. It’s the best.

Make A Piggy Bank & Save Up For Something

Make a fun decorative jar together to be deemed a savings bank for something for you guys to do or buy together.

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Mother-Son Meal Dates

Just the two of you. Make it a habit to do this once every couple of weeks or so. You can have your own spot just the two of you always eat at or try something new each time.

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Make Forts

Who doesn’t love fort hangouts?

Read Comics In The News Paper

Get a Sunday paper every weekend and read the comics together. Another good source of fun entertainment that makes you laugh together.

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