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Crafting Supply Money Saving Tips

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Crafting can be SO. EXPENSIVE. It can be really discouraging to carry on with your projets when it seems like it costs a fortune to aquire your needed supplies.

Whether you are a crafting nut or are just trying to do DIY’s for the holidays, you can go about it one of two ways…

You can go on a spending spree and not pay your rent this month. We’ve totally done and totally don’t recommend it. Or, you can take the time to plan out how you can save some dough while also getting the supplies you are after.

Below are all of my tips for where to shop, and how to go about buying crafting supplies. 

Plan. Plan. Plan.

Before you even get out to do your supply shopping, you need a detailed plan. Make a list of what you need, where you are going, what your budget is, etc. If the item(s) you need are spendier, really take the time to shop around and analyze your best deal. Buying on the fly can get you into trouble, so that’s never a good idea when you have a budget. Keep a notebook and calculator in your purse or car so that when you are out and about you can jot down prices as you come across them.

The Dollar Tree.

No, it sure ain’t glamorous, but it can be an awesome resource for crafting supplies. This is actually one of the main stores that I shop at for my projects. Obviously, they won’t always have what you need and the quality may not be top notch, but there are definitely some things that can make it worth your while. Pick and choose which times you can get away with using dollar store materials. 

Garage Sales. Estate Sales, Etc.

You can hit the jackpot at these kinds of sales. Once, I scored an entire big bag of lace fabric for $0.25 at an estate sale. However, crafters know what their goods are worth and sometimes they are determined to get their money back. So, be prepared to get your hustle on. Sometimes people are willing to negotiate more towards the end of their sale when they just want everything done and gone.

Another side of garage sales is that you can find something for cheap and turn it into something spectacular. For example, you can find a big piece of framed art and buy it just for the frame. Repaint it, put a mirror in it, put a different piece of art in it, whatever. You just have to have an open mind. And now, your DIY and new home decor piece just saved you a ton of money!

Thrift Stores.

Don’t be above them. When you have some free time, really dig in at the thrift store. Again, keep an open mind. Thrift stores in nicer neighborhoods tend to have a better selection of items, but there are also good finds to be found at the less desirable thrift stores, as well. 

Nature’s Crafting Supplies.

Is it possible to use something from the great outdoors in your project? I’m working on a project made of pine needles, at the moment. I’ve also done projects with pine cones, leaves, flowers, you name it. I’m also going to be using deer sheds for my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary centerpieces, which I am totally stoked about!

Craigslist, Marketplace, OfferUp.

Using online resources to find good deals on crafting supplies is a must. You can find things that other people with your same interests are trying to get rid of. I recommend never going alone to meet up with someone new, but you can find killer deals on craft supplies this way. Browse Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, things like that. I like to start with the ‘free’ items first, working on to the ‘for sale’ items.


It’s no secret how awesome Amazon is. I have found awesome crafting supplies on Amazon for a steal! If you have an Amazon Prime account, even better. Free shipping (just one of the perks) is dope and the subscription fee is well worth it. Look into it if you haven’t already.

Coupons, Sales and Fine Print.

Online coupons, app coupons, in-store coupons, email coupons, whatever. USE THEM. Yeah, they can be a pain sometimes, but every little bit helps. Note: Read the fine print. Some people have a real hard time with this, so, my advice to you is to really pay attention to what the info is saying. Sometimes, the sales or coupons are very specific. It will save you a headache if you just pay attention ahead of time.

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I am sure there are other tips and tricks that I have missed, so, put them in the comments below if you have any! I hope this helps ease the pain of the hit your wallet takes!

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